Tony Pulis Starting To Show Why He Was Brought To Boro

Tony Pulis Starting To Show Why He Was Brought To Boro

Tony Pulis has developed a reputation as the manager who can save clubs from relegation after doing the trick with several Premier League clubs.

The new Boro boss managed his side to an impressive 3-0 away win against a struggling QPR team this past weekend and it seems like he is starting to get the team playing his way and the players responded with a top-class performance.

Speaking to the media after the game Pulis has welcomed the chance to manage in the Championship and take on a different challenge.

Following the victory on the weekend the now 60 year old Welsh manager had this to say:

“You get pigeon-holed in life, you have to accept that,”

“But I think the biggest appeal was that Steve Gibson had spoken very similar to how Peter Coates at Stoke did all those years ago. He was fed up of change, he wanted stability at the club.

“He wanted someone he could trust and leave to get on with the job and wouldn’t moan or groan. We had a very difficult year of trying to get it moving and, once we did, we had a fantastic ten years.”

“My remit was ‘have a look and see what you think’. If we can do well we can, if we can’t, we can’t and let’s make sure we sort it out. ‘You’ve got to get promotion’ was never mentioned to me,”

Pulis went on to say:

“We’re in a good position. Are we in the position we thought we would be? Probably not. There are reasons for that and I have to find those reasons. Can I do something different to change that and get it rolling? We have a great chance if we keep working.

“I have been promoted out of every league in England. I have been to a cup final and the last throes of the UEFA Cup. I have not just spent my life at the bottom of the league fighting relegation. It is a different job here and one that given time we can get our teeth into and push forward.”

So things appear to be looking up for Boro. Tony Pulis has started to reshape the Middlesborough squad as we reported last week and with the time he is going to be afforded the signs are that the new manager is building a side to challenge for a long time and one which can compete in the Premier League.